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7on7 Canada Official Game Rules

7on7 Association of Canada Rules & League Guidelines

ELIGIBILITY - Any enrolled student in the 6th-12th grades U13 , U15,  U18 is eligible to participate in appropriate divisions. All student athletes need to check with their coach, league governing body to ensure that high school and or college eligibility is not jeopardized by participating in any leagues or tournaments. 

DIVISIONS – The Association is open to all athletes completing the 7th-12th grades, with 1-year eligibility left. 

TEAMS - Teams consist of 10-14 players together with 1-3 adult coaches and maximum of 20 players

TIME - All games will be 25 minutes in length with a running clock. There will be a 25-second play clock in effect. In case of injury the clock will stop at the discretion of the Referee, if that occurs the player must leave for at least one play. 

FIELD - The playing field is 40 yards in length, plus a 10-yard end zone.
All possessions start at the 40-yard line. No matter where the defense stops the offense, they take over at the 40-yard line. 

PLAYER PARTICIPATION – Six Offensive players including the quarterback on the field at all times with five eligible players to receive a pass and two of those players are positioned on the line of scrimmage (LOS) before play starts, one on each side of the ball.  Defense is allowed Seven (7) players on the field during game play.   

GAME PLAY - Play begins when the Quarterback takes the ball off the regulated QB Tee or one offensive sub is able to snap the ball in shotgun off the QB Tee if teams prefer.   A play in progress at the final whistle is completed. The game cannot end on a defensive penalty, unless the offense declines it.
Play ends when - One hand touch below a players neck.  Players diving to touch does not constitute a legal touch, players must be upright to tag an offensive player 

Substitution - Defense is allowed to substitute before and after the current has ended.  Offense may substitute players before play has started.  Only 1 offensive coach allowed on the field during games.  No Defensive coaches allowed on the field during game play. * Regular substitution rules apply


Offense - Teams have 3 downs to gain 15 yards for a first down during each series.  Team are able to acquire two first downs per series and complete the drive with 10 yards remaining to score a touchdown and complete the offensive series.

Offensive Scoring – Touchdowns are counted as 6 points; offensive teams can elect to take the single point after scoring with no additional plays or Offenses can elect to go for a 2-point conversion from the 10-yard line after a scoring play.  

  • Offense are allowed (1) running play per series

  • Quarterbacks are allowed to run if blitzed by opposing defensive team

  • No double passing Allowed 

Defense – Allowed two (1) blitze per game, blitzers are required to rush the QB from a 5-yard radius distance from LOS.   Defense are allowed to blitz multiple players in their blitz packages.  *There is no yard off the ball for defensive players. Players are allowed to play press coverage against the offensive team as long as they are not lined up in the neutral zone.  Defensive players are deemed offsides if they are lined up in the neutral zone across the LOS. 

Defensive Scoring – Defensive players are allowed to contribute to the teams score as well.  Interceptions by players are counted as 3 points to a team’s total score and Players are allowed to return interceptions back to the 40-yard line if they are not touched by the opposing offensive team.  This will be treated like an offensive scoring play where teams can elect to take the 7 points or go for a 2-point conversion after the scoring play.

Timeouts – Each team are allowed (1) Time Out per game (25 minutes) and (1) Time Out in championship overtime games. 


Overtime - Teams tied with the same score at the end of regulation there are NO run plays in overtime. All plays MUST be a pass

  • Tournament Games / Regular Season – Each team gets one play starting at the 35-yard line longest yard wins and is awarded 1 point towards the score.  

  • Championship Games – Teams play 7-minute game with continual clock to determine a winner.  If score remains tied after 7-minute overtime.  Both teams go to 1 play longest yard format. 

Shoot-Out Bracket Format

  • All teams will be seeded in the bracket based on Day 1 win/loss and day 1 schedule

  • All teams will play minimum of 4 games during the event, unless otherwise noted

Bracket Seeding will be Determined by :

  • Win/losses, points scored, and point differential.  If after these determinations there is still a tie, the system will automatically do a coin flip to determine team seeding




  • Offensive Penalties 

    • QB’s have 4 seconds to throw the ball to an eligible receiver.  If the QB fails to do so, this action results in a sack a loss of down.

    • QB making a forward pass across the LOS – 10 Yard penalty or loss of down if infraction is committed at the 40-yard line

    • Receivers that are lined up offsides at the 40-yard results in a loss of down, 

    • Illegal formation, not enough eligible players on the LOS Loss of Down. 

    • Delay of Game - Loss of Down

    • False Start - Loss of Down

    • Blocking - Loss of Down

    • Pass Interference Loss of Down

    • Unnecessary Roughness - 15 yards - LOS, Loss of Down

    • Objectional Conduct/Un-sportsman like - 15 yards and Loss of Down 

  • Defensive Penalties 

    • Defensive offsides/ Encroachment - 5 yards

    • Defensive holding - 10 yards, Repeat Down

    • Pass Interference – 15 yards , First Down

    • Unnecessary Roughness- 15 yards , Line of scrimmage 

    • Illegal rush of the QB 10 yards (Blitz 2x in a game)

    • Illegal Participations - 5 yards, repeat down

All Teams Participating in 7on7 A.O.C events are required to follow all rules and code of conduct.





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